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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Raspberry Fluff

With the season of open houses, summer BBQs, cookouts, and reunions approaching fast, I cant help but laugh at the silly traditions that coincide these festive times. It seems like no matter what the occasion or who's involved, there are always certain 'expectations' that are givens for everyone involved.
For example, if a certain person or family is invited, everyone else just expects that person to bring their 'specialty'. If you are the one who always make the corn casserole, by god you better bring that to susie's open house. If you feel like experimenting, fine, but the experiment better be in addition to your traditional piece, or BIG trouble. The traditional specialties vary from person to person and group to group, but I really think that almost everyone must have something that they are at some time just expected to provide.

For my family, this unique jello salad is our "must bring." I have to admit we have tried to (or at least talked of it) mix up our contribution to open houses and christmas parties in the past, but the wrath that followed was enough to ensure the presence of raspberry fluff forevermore. Even to those who are not as familiar with it, when we ask the good old "what can we bring," chances are, if theyve tried it, the answer is "RASPBERRY FLUFF!" Then, at that event, 10 more people comment on how fresh and yummy it is, and the cycle goes on.... :)

So without any further adue... here is probably one of my all-time favorite dishes. This is a type of jello salad I guess, but it is truly unique in its fresh taste and fruity flavor. I cant really explain it any better, so I guess the rest of the evaluation is up to you!

1 large (6oz) package raspberry jello
1 small (3oz) package raspberry jello
1 large (6oz) package orange jello
5 cups boiling water
4 packages (10oz each) frozen strawberries
1 jar (20oz) chunky applesauce
5 cups miniature marshmallows
1 large (12 oz) coolwhip

Dissolve jello in 5 cups boiling water in a LARGE bowl. Add frozen strawberries, stir. Add chunky applesauce and stir. Let sit until slightly set, then stir in marshmallows and coolwhip. Spoon into jello molds, serving bowls, or 9x13 pans. Refrigerate until fully set.

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